Work Authorization For J-1 Students

Academic Training

During Study

On a J-1 visa, you are allowed to work off campus with Academic Training.

To apply, you must read the Academic Training handout and complete the Academic Training Recommendation Form.

You are not eligible for Academic Training unless you obtain written approval from an international advisor who represents your J-1 sponsor and issues your DS-2019.


Exchange Students

If you are on an exchange program between UNM and your home university, your advisor/coordinator from your home institution must complete the form.


Degree Seeking Students

If you are pursuing a degree at UNM, your academic advisor must complete the form.

After Study

If you are here on a J-1 visa (DS-2019) and you want to apply for Academic Training (AT) following your program of study, you must apply BEFORE your DS-2019 expires. Please read the Academic Training handout and then call 277-4032 to schedule an appointment. You will need a job offer to apply and you will need to apply before your current DS-2019 expires.

If you will NOT apply for Academic Training, you have 30 days from the day you COMPLETE your studies to do ONE of the following three things: (Once again, this is the day you finish all program requirements, not the date on the DS-2019 or visa)

  • Leave the country,

  • Apply for a change to another immigration status, or

  • Obtain a new DS-2019 from a new school or a new UNM program and begin attendance in that program in the next possible semester.

NOTE: Please note that you cannot work on campus after completion of your program unless you have received AT authorization from GEO. The 30-day deadline is final and non-negotiable. Please check the expiration date on your DS-2019. If your DS-2019 will expire this semester and you plan to continue studying at UNM you must apply for an extension.

Your DS -2019 cannot be signed once you have graduated unless you have applied for AT. This means that you should not plan any short trips to Mexico or anywhere outside the US after completing your program unless you have either received AT work authorization, you will return to your home country directly from the country you plan on visiting, or you will return to the US on a tourist visa from the country you plan on visiting.