Technology & Cell Phones

UNM Technology


Accessing UNM Technology

UNM Information Technologies or UNM IT is where UNM students, faculty, staff, and some affiliates are eligible for a Net ID to access e-mail, a personal Web page, the My UNM portal, the eLibrary, Parking Services, academic programs via UNM Learn, and other UNM computer and network services.

  • For admitted UNM students, faculty, staff, or affiliates can request a UNM Net ID
  • Students can contact UNM IT if they are experiencing any UNM related technology problems such as trouble logging into UNM Learn, access UNM electronic services, or password reset.
  • Do not give your personal information or UNM passwords to anyone.


UNM Technology Services

  • Adobe Creative Campus: UNM students have access to Adobe Creative Campus free with their UNM NetIDs.
  • UNM Learn: UNM online teaching portal where students can access their current semester coursework and access to online teaching information.
  • LoboMail: UNM Students can access Microsoft suite and download current Microsoft software for free of charge with their NetIDs. Students can access outlook, PowerPoint, word, and other Microsoft programs through their Lobo Mail portal.
  • The University Libraries system on the central campus at UNM has the largest library collection in the state. There are extensive electronic and digital services that make it possible to use the library 24/7 from any location using your UNM Net ID.

Cell Phones

Cellular phone companies (also called mobile phone companies or wireless providers) allow two payment models for service: postpaid service and prepaid service. You will need to decide which option is right for you.


Postpaid Service

Postpaid wireless service is the traditional arrangement. You sign a contract agreeing to pay a certain amount each month for the agreed-upon service. The provider delivers the service to you continuously and bills you each month.

Large deposits are usually required, especially for people without Social Security numbers. This deposit is normally refunded at some point, although this varies by the phone service provider.


Prepaid Service

All major cell phone providers in the United States offer prepaid wireless plans. When you buy prepaid wireless service, a provider makes an agreed-upon number of minutes available to your cell phone. You pay for those minutes at the time of the agreement.

After you have used the minutes you purchased, you need to buy more minutes to be able to keep using your phone. This option does not typically require a credit check or a deposit.


How Should I Choose a Provider?

You will want to choose a wireless service that provides competitive rates for calling your home country. Many students use their cell phones as their main means of communication. Low international rates will enable you to keep in touch with people at home without paying high fees. 

If you are a married student or are moving to Albuquerque with additional family members, choosing a company that offers additional lines at competitive fees can keep your monthly costs lower. Also, look at the wireless providers offering free mobile-to-mobile minutes. This enables you to call the other family members on your plan without using your minutes.