Department Overview

The University of New Mexico is designated by the US Department of State as a J-1 Exchange Visitor Program to sponsor Research Scholars, Professors, Short-Term Scholars and Specialists to conduct academic activities at UNM. J-1 Exchange Visitors visit UNM for as little as one week to as much as 5 years in paid or unpaid appointments. GEO is an important resource in the process of bringing a J-1 International Scholar to UNM. We provide information for departments on how to sponsor an international research scholar or invite an international scholar in J-1 status. When a department invites a J-1 scholar, a request must be processed by GEO to issue the necessary documents. In addition, we assist scholars with understanding their immigration status, entering and leaving the U.S., identifying campus resources, and adjusting to life in Albuquerque. Due to sometimes lengthy delays in visa issuance, immigration processing, and travel planning, GEO recommends that departments submit completed forms at least 3 months prior to the proposed start date of the scholar’s academic activity to enable sufficient time for the scholar to complete all procedures and arrive on time for the appointment.

If you are a department interested in learning more about other immigration options (such as H-1B or lawful permanent residency) GEO can direct you to the appropriate department or unit on campus. Our office is exclusively limited to processing sponsorship of J-1 status for international scholars.

Scholar Coordinator Training

Most Recent Scholar Coordinator Meeting Fall 2022