New to UNM Frequently Asked Questions

My visa was denied; does GEO have any tips for my next interview?

Visas are sometimes denied because students don't establish a strong enough case that they do not intend to emigrate and will return to their home country after their studies. Students should demonstrate strong ties to their home country by mentioning these things during their interview:

  • family
  • property
  • long-term employment
  • Anything else that proves ties to your home country

How do I pay the SEVIS fee?

  • Through the Internet at by using a credit card and completing the online Form I-901. Once you have submitted the payment, please print the computer-generated receipt. This receipt will be your proof of payment. Currently, SEVP is unable to accept credit card payments on behalf of students or scholars from Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon or Kenya. If you have any questions, please speak to an advisor at GEO.


  • Through Western Union Quick Pay. This option is available in any country where Western Union offers its Quick Pay service. This service allows you to pay the SEVIS fee electronically and directly to the Department of Homeland Security in local currency. The receipt you will obtain at the end of the transaction will be your proof of payment. To read the detailed instructions for this form of payment, obtain a printed copy of the instructions and a sample of the completed Western Union blue form, please go to

  • Through the mail by submitting a completed Form I-901 and a check or money order drawn on a US bank payable in US currency. For proof of payment, you will need to wait until you receive the receipt (Form I-797) by mail. Because we do not know how much time it takes to obtain this receipt, we strongly recommend you try to pay the SEVIS fee through the internet (option 1 above). For more detailed information on the fee payment process and to download the form I-901, please go to the SEVIS website at

Do I need temporary health insurance even before classes begin or even before my permanent insurance begins?

Yes, international students are required to be covered by health insurance during their entire stay in the U.S. — even before classes begin.

If you have purchased health insurance that will not begin until a later date, you need to purchase temporary insurance until your permanent health insurance begins.

Can I purchase any health insurance?


Students on an F-1 visa may purchase any health insurance, but it must be from a U.S. company and must meet the below requirements:

  • $100,000 minimum per person per accident or illness
  • $25,000 for repatriation of remains
  • $50,000 for medical evacuation
  • No more than $500 deductible per accident or illness
  • Coinsurance must not exceed 25% payable by the exchange visitor or sponser

If you are unsure which health insurance to buy, please consider the ISI health insurance because it is guaranteed to meet the above requirements.



Students on a J-1 visa must purchase the ISI health insurance.

Can I get only one dose of the MMR vaccine at home, and then the second dose in the U.S.?

Yes, all vaccines needed are available in the U.S..