Lobo Friends: International Peer Mentoring Program


International Peer Meeting Program (Lobo Friends) is one of the most exciting and active programs at UNM!

The "Lobo Friends" program is a peer mentoring program offered by GEO at UNM. The mission of the program is to foster communication and friendship between current UNM students and match them with incoming international students. Local students will have the opportunity to share their knowledge of the UNM and Albuquerque area, while expanding their knowledge of other countries and cultures. While, international students will benefit from getting to know a current UNM student as soon as they arrive, which will hopefully lead to an easier transition to life at UNM. The Lobo Friend program is here to support new undergraduate and graduate students through their first year at UNM. We focus on

  • Getting to know UNM
  • Learning about Albuquerque and the Southwest
  • Adjusting to U.S. life and academics
  • Meeting people and having fun! 


Are you a new international student?

You can get a mentor who will show you around campus and Albuquerque, introduce you to your future friends, and support you during your first year at UNM.

Join Lobo Friends Program: https://forms.gle/zor5dAkmwAu66uzH9


Are you a current American/International student?

Sign up to be a mentor and introduce international students to our exciting community.

Become a Mentor: https://forms.gle/LoV8GXF28sFVHXiQ8